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Osterville Fitness  is located in a renovated barn that - in its former life - was a farm with ties to the magical era of Camelot.  The era of Camelot was a time of great vision and forward planning that preserved much of Cape Cod in its natural state, and created the National Seashore.  It was here on this farm that the First Lady came for recreation and fun with the horses she loved.


The tradition of great planning, recreation, and fun are cornerstones of Osterville Fitness.  A plan for good health and the ability to have fun as you enjoy a fitness lifestyle for decades to come is what draws our members.  The energy of laughter can be heard throughout our very unique facility and we pride ourselves on being able to coach all ages and abilities. 

It is our mission and our passion to be the best part of our member’s day, everyday.  We offer phenomenal plans, great equipment, motivating classes, and unbelievably talented coaches.

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